Mission Statement

Build a state of the art adoption facility to benefit the pets of our community through education and comprehensive care

YES! an animal shelter, rescue, and outreach program

The city of Maricopa has over 50,000 pets currently. It is predicted by the city that they expect to reach 90,000 residents over the next 8 years. most everyone has some sort of pet.

So we are proposing to build a shelter that will provide a safe (no kill) place to take your pets to if needed. Training is available for pets to become potential service animals.   We are hoping to include horse rescue and equine therapy at some point.  This shelter will not only provide a much needed resource, it will accommodate the community with jobs, volunteering, philanthropy. 

"We can't save the world by ourselves."

This is a really big project. It will take the support of the community and surrounding areas. I truly believe in this vision and am excited to bring it to life with your help.


By donating your time, items, building supplies etc., you can be part of an amazing project.  We have several levels of financial opportunities, to encourage your giving.  Many include, plaques, wall of fame, bricks and honor designations of a room or halls.  We also encourage giving for our future projects, including outside and indoor horse facilities.  Let us honor you, in our project and in our community.

Just recently............News

Special THANK YOU for a charitable donation towards Atlas Pet Rescue.

Just recently helped animals

Abandoned mother cat and litter of kittens, abused dog who was burned by it's owner, 4 dogs that were fostered have been placed permanently with new owners.

New Contribution!

Board Member Christy James, donates monies through a candy vendor business. This will be a continuing effort to raise awareness for Atlas Pet Rescue.

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